In 1978, Hugo Barcia and Mónica Holzer left Argentina to start a new life abroad. They traveled the world for 16 years, always yearning to return so they could someday settle on the farm.

Thanks to Hugo’s parents’ hard work and unconditional support, they could start their agricultural business living abroad. In 1993, with three small children, they could finally return to Argentina and start living their dream.


In 1996, Hugo and Mónica set up Bototí Picú Ranch. They purchased their first Aberdeen Angus cows and bulls and began to present their products in the most important expositions in Entre Ríos and Santa Fé.

In 2002, they became very close friends and associates with the Fernández family’s La Rubeta Ranch. Their cattle became Champions and Grand Champions in the most challenging expositions of the Angus National Circuit (Palermo, autumn and spring expositions). Juan Martín Ojea Rullán joined the team in 2006 as Bototí Picu’s advisor and took the ranch to the next level.

This was how Bototí Picú became one of the most prestigious Aberdeen Angus Ranches of the Argentinean Litoral Circuit.


Some of the members of Bototí Picú have been a part of this project from its beginnings, such as Alcides Tessore, the ranch´s main herdsman, and Carlos Zaragoza, who began working for Hugo and Mónica in 1983 in Federal, Entre Ríos. Today, his son Cesar continues his legacy as general manager in that same farm .

After Hugo Barcia’s passing in 2013, his successors Mónica, Diego, Mariana and Santiago took charge of the project and pushed it forward,supported and guided by Engineer Nahuel Ara and Veterinarian Germán Moreno.

Hugo and his passion for life will always be missed. His family keeps him safe in their memories and continues his legacy, but also strives with their own imprint. The success of this project is the result of many years of hard work, dedication and passion for excellence, qualities that will always represent Bototí Picú in all future undertakings.